Friday, June 6, 2008

Recycling Awareness

We did this project in about two weeks time and I can say that I learned a lot from it. I didn't care much about the environment like many people my age but I've learned that if we recycle the world would be a much cleaner place. I also learned that the items that I throw away could be recycled. I saw how much people litter at school and I feel that the school wouldn't look half as bad if we just didn't litter. I didn't even know. what compost was before we started and now I know that its an organic substitute for fertilizer and that it has no pesticides. I didn't care about recycling and thought it was mostly turning in cans and bottles for money like my family does sometimes. I now recycle and try not to litter as much as I can and it has changed my perspective of how I see the world . I could recycle boxes instead of throwing them away and I can also recycle the food scraps so that it can be made into compost. This project really helped me get into recycling and through public awareness I believe that the public can get into the recycling habit too. The main thing that we are seeking to do is get our students here at Tennyson High School aware of the problems with not recycling and try to influence them to start recycling. So whoever reads this remember when you recycle we all benefit and yes that means you too.

4r's at Home

I practice the 4R's at home in many ways. Some of the ways being putting all cans in one bin and the plastics in another bin and lastly. Although, these aren't the only ways of practicing the 4Rs. The ones I listed above are just of the few ways I practice the 4Rs at home. I can tell you by experience that by recycling you benefit because if you recycle your plastic bottles and cans like ii do you can take them to a place where they take all your cans and plastic bottles and they will pay you to take it from you. Recycling benefits you and the world and I'm proud to say that i recycle.

Welcome To Tennyson High

The purpose of this blog is to catch the attention of people and raise awareness about recycling. At Tennyson High we are trying to make the world a better place by recycling. It may seem like it doesn't make a difference, but it does. Millions of waste is being put out in the sea every year and its not all waste some Things that could be reused are being dumped into the sea. We came up with a word SLWRP which stands for Student Learning Waste Reduction Program. This program teaches us what to do with our waste that way we may can help out in our own community and by doing that we are helping the world. The 4r's stand for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. These are the 4r's that we are trying to practice every day here at Tennyson High School. If we Reduce we will have less things contaminating Earth. Reuse will help people save money and be able to have things they wanted for a cheaper price. If we recycle then we can keep millions of pounds of waste out of the sea. If we let things rot we can put them into the ground and use as soul or let the small animals in the ground eat them as dinner.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Davis st. Transfer Center

This Special Facility is concentrated on the best way to do the 4rs recycle, reuse, rot, and reduce. This is just like the 4rs we are trying to establish here in Tennyson High School. The Transfer Center that we visited was made out of the Dump." The whole idea was that everything can be used for many different things not just thrown away'' thats what our tour guide told us. This Facility taught us how in the past trash was just trash nothing was recycled everything just went to the same place. Until they made a research, people didn't even know where there trash was going and then they found out that it was dumped in to the ocean and put in the ground. After people knew where there trash went they changed it and 75% of that trash was recycled. This was a very good way to better the environment.

Now in our Century, we have better recycling methods and its a good way to make money, like the picture that has two bails in it each one weighs a ton and is worth about 2,000 dollars each.

If you look at this picture maybe you would just see a big pile of trash but when i went to the Davis st. Transfer Center i saw huge piles of recycle. the trucks drop off everything here and then another truck takes it to conveyor belts and while it goes down the recyclables are separated.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Waste Audit

During this activity the class was divided into groups and given a bag of trash to sort through. They sorted the trash in the different categories which they can be recycled in.

The trash was laid out on a tarp and the groups had to sort through it and place it in different piles and then put them in the different containers. Each container had a specific recycle it would hold like glass, paper, plastic, etc.

The different piles were sorted and weighed to see how much of the weight was made by the different recycling contents. The total weight of the bag was 7 pounds before the sorting. The most recycle material we found was paper weighing in at over 4 pounds.

There is a lot of trash thrown away everyday. Many of the things that are thrown away can be recycled and reused like the left over food can be maid into compost to help plants grow and the paper and plastic can also be reused. Trash in the classrooms can be reduced by using less of the materials or by reusing some of the items that can be reused like paper. Computers are good t have as well because your work is done on the computer and thats saving paper which is the most recyclable item thrown in the garbage.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Littter Survey

Here at Tennyson High School we had students take pictures before and after lunch. Before lunch the campus looked very clean just a few scraps of paper and some wrappers but it looked good. After lunch was a different story the halls were very littered. there was a lot of trash all over where kids eat there lunch but are too lazy to take a few steps and put it in the garbage instead they just throw there garbage on the floor. So there is definitely a difference before lunch and after lunch which means students and maybe some teachers are littering instead of putting trash in the trash. I chose the picture of the hallway and you can clearly see the differenece between what it looked before and after lunch.